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  • Resilience in the Anthropocene

    Resilience in the Anthropocene

    The Age of Man, or the Anthropocene. As cultural philosopher Peter Sloterdijk wrote in his book “You have to change your life“, we are living in an age where mankind itself now is a factor of change in the Terrestrial Ecosystem Model. Peter wrote that this is the age where the human mindset for the…

  • Electric car induction powered road infrastructures

    Electric car induction powered road infrastructures

    Ok here is the thing. I read the briefing acticle “The electrification of motorisation” (with subtitle: “The electric-fuel-trade acid test”) in The Economist of September 5th-11th 2009, on page 73. I was excited and thrilled to read this article in the hope they could provide me with new information about this subject. Since it is…