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SURF & Enhanced Publications – June 2011

by: Keith Russell and Maurice Vanderfeesten
at: Dutch Ministry of Education and Research, the Hague, the Netherlands
about: This presentation is in DUTCH. It gives a brief introduction about SURF and then zooms in to Enhanced Publication Activities. Download version WITH the VIDEO’s

Usage statistics – May 2011

by: Maurice Vanderfeesten
at: several occasions, at the preface of starting a project
about: This is about making a start of a project happening. The project is about sharing usage statistics to measure the social impact of Open Access Publications. To get the hands together I crafted a neatly looking mock-up user interface, and gave a preliminary sketch of how the project might look like.

eHumanities NIAS – March 2011

At the NIAS institute I gave a presentation about enhanced publications.

Enhanced Publication Data model dress up – Jan 2011

Short demo of how en enhanced publications is dressed up, technically speaking.

Research In Context – Enhanced Publication Visualiser – Jan 2011

Javascript browser component for the visualisation of RDF relations. Embedding in HTML

University Guest lecture about Enhanced Publications – Nov 2010

tile: Enhanced Publications – Guest Lecture @Utrecht University – Design of Interactive Content
by: Maurice Vanderfeesten
at: Utrecht University Institute of Information Sciences, Design of Interactive Content course
about: explanation about the evolution of the academic article, relations within and between.

workflow of a workshop, working with projects – Jan 2011

Research collaboratories in the Netherlands – Nov 2010

Enhanched Publication Infrastructure – Nov 2010

at: ECO4R workhop, Keulen, Germany.

Identifiers Mindmap – Dec 2009

at: International Workshop on Repository Interoperability, Amsterdam, the Netherlands
about: mindmap action plan from the interoperability workshop.

Advanced Services for Researchers – Nov 2009

This workshop I have organised with a lot of top researchers to explore the idea’s one could deliver as a service with the current status quo of technologies that sits around in labaratories in the Dutch Research Institutes. The focus was the research workflow and process in order to make scientific assessments.

You can find the complete report and the many results from the 80 participant of the Workshop here:

The video below shows an impression of the Workshop I have organised.

Also I gave a 16 minute presentation about the Dutch Repository Infrastructure and Enhanced Publications.

You can watch my presentation here on LectureNet.

Knowledge Exchange – Persistent Identifiers

at: International Workshop on Repository Interoperability, Amsterdam, the Netherlands
about: a European Project that promotes and implements a robust and sustainable identifier and resolution infrastructure for permanent access to knowledge assets for science and culteral heritage that is sustainable for the long term preservation.

Widgets for Scientists – Apr 2009

at: Innovation workshop, Amsterdam, the Netherlands
about: Creative new ways to change the life of scientist and the way they share knowledge to the world.

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