SURE2 statistics dashboard – Feb 2012

As a researcher you might want to look into the webstatistics of your publications, regardless of there the publications are stored. SURE is an article level metrics infrastructure for publications stored in repositories. This presentation shows the end-results of the SURE2 project. It delivered an API and some dashboard functionalities for researchers and repositorymanagers to […]

SURF & Enhanced Publications – June 2011

by: Keith Russell and Maurice Vanderfeesten at: Dutch Ministry of Education and Research, the Hague, the Netherlands about: This presentation is in DUTCH. It gives a brief introduction about SURF and then zooms in to Enhanced Publication Activities.¬†Download version WITH the VIDEO’s SURF & Enhanced Publications from maurice.vanderfeesten

Usage statistics – May 2011

by: Maurice Vanderfeesten at: several occasions, at the preface of starting a project about: This is about making a start of a project happening. The project is about sharing usage statistics to measure the social impact of Open Access Publications. To get the hands together I crafted a neatly looking mock-up user interface, and gave […]

University Guest lecture about Enhanced Publications – Nov 2010

title: Enhanced Publications – Guest Lecture @Utrecht University – Design of Interactive Content by: Maurice Vanderfeesten at: Utrecht University Institute of Information Sciences, Design of Interactive Content course about: explanation about the evolution of the academic article, relations within and between. Enhanced Publications – Guest Lecture @Utrecht University – Design of Interactive Content View more […]