Object Reuse and Exchange – Editor – interconnecting scientific content

Object Reuse and Exchange (ORE) is a framework for creating collections of related scientific work. ORE an initiative of the Open Archives Initiative (OAI). Web resources can be related to one another in a semantic web machine readable way. The collections or aggregations of web resources can be stored in distributed locations such as web […]

semantic web

Image via CrunchBase Introduction Book: Programming the Semantic Web Knowledge reasoning platform: LarKC LarKC the Large Knowledge Collider Frank van Harmelen Visualisation plugin http://blog.larkc.eu/?p=921 Query human interfaces testing How to make the Semantic web work. With Zemanta provides a way (API) to create semantic relations in plain text. http://www.slideshare.net/andraz/semweb-installfest-presentation paper with interesting links can be […]