Incarnation of a Song – April 2014

Incarnation of a Song from Maurice Vanderfeesten on Vimeo.

This video has been made as a photo presentation in the photography course I have done. This photography course has been given by the well renowned photographer Jelmer de Haas.

This photo documentary tells the story of a sing and songwriter. The inspiration he gets, the rehearsals with his band, the live performance, and the good memories of succes. The sing and songwriter is a dear friend of mine. I like the beautiful music he makes, the passion involved crafing a song and the friendships of his band mates.


  • Maurice Vanderfeesten – photography, video editing
  • Scato Eggen – lyrics, vocals, guitar
  • Eelco Eggen – vocals, drums
  • Ely Deckers – bass
  • Music used by permission of Tri Tone and Death of Rats

The photo’s used in this video are shown in the galery below.

All photo’s are copyrighted, and can be reused by permission in writing only.






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