knowledge transformation chain and enterprise architecture

Doing research is creating value to information. Knowledge building upon knowledge. This chain can be created in enhanced publications, where ordinary web resources are collected en semantically related to enhanced publications. The semantic relations are important for future applications in the semantic web.

Currently I am reading the book “Enterprise Architecture at Work“. Chapter 3 describes the importance of the communication to all the stakeholders. Also Architecture is finding the balance between the right level of abstraction. My job is to have a proof-of-concept Infrastructure ready in 2010 for enhanced publications. What I would like to do is to let the SURF community work on this architecture. Starting with an abstract model where they can zoom in to fill in the details.

This only describes the workflow. We need to have architecture sessions to describe the building blocks, used in the DYA framework. Connections and interfaces and standards for these interfaces need to be described. And soon after that, there needs to be several proof of concepts.






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