Modern Surgery – Fidling in a Holographic brain, let robots do the actual work

Heb niet een video kunnen vinden over dit onderwerp, ik denk dat ik het uit de BBC Science heb of The Economist die ik afgelopen week heb gelezen. Video’s die het onderwerp benaderen zijn hier te vinden. De logische link tussen beide technieken is een kleine stap verwijderd van elkaar. Holographic optics: Robot surgery: [...]

Electric car induction powered road infrastructures

Ok here is the thing. I read the briefing acticle "The electrification of motorisation" (with subtitle: "The electric-fuel-trade acid test") in The Economist of September 5th-11th 2009, on page 73. I was excited and thrilled to read this article in the hope they could provide me with new information about this subject. Since it is [...]

innovation by watching evolution

Nature has come-up with elegant solutions of today's problems. Janine Benyus tells us about a research field that is called Biomimicry. In this field they look at strategies nature has come-up with to solve different problems, just by trail and error during the process of evolution. Let evolution work for us. is a website [...]

Incentives for innovation, based on intrinsic motivation

Dan Pink spoke on about the way traditional businesses are build is often still with the old mindset from the industrial era using incentives like the "carrot and the stick" model to increase production performance. However for more complex tasks people get paralysed when put under pressure to perform by higher rewards. Rewarding systems [...]

New ways of innovation in the Higher Education and Research in the Netherlands

Below you will find a thesis I have witten for the MasterClass course Innovation Management. This thesis is about how SURFfoundation (the organisation I work for) can improve the commitment of innovation of every employee throughout the organisation of every single University and Research institute that is a member of SURFfoundation. Unfortunately for the English [...]

Elaine Morgan says we evolved from aquatic apes

Elaine Morgan is a tenacious proponent of the aquatic ape hypothesis: the idea that humans evolved from primate ancestors who dwelt in watery habitats. Hear her spirited defense of the idea -- and her theory on why mainstream science doesn't take it seriously. Elaine Morgan is an octogenarian scientist, armed with an arsenal of television [...]

International Repositories Infrastructure Workshop – Persistent Identifiers

This week I attend the International Repositories Infrastructure Workshop (This workshop was sponsored by JISC, DRIVER and SURFfoundation) The goal of the workshop was to identify shared agendas for action and coordination between major national and international stakeholders, for the purpose of developing an international federated network of repositories. Other blogs about this event can [...]

infrastructuur voor het wetenschappelijke informatie domein

hier komt een stuk over infrastructuur Het gaat over de motivatie waarom we nou zo nodig moeten veranderen, is er een besef van urgentie? kernwoorden kunnen zijn: infrastructuur, standaarden diversiteit aan diensten wetenschap op de dag van vandaag is conservatief wat weten wetenschappers over wetenschapsdynamica en wetenschapsprocessen zelf kort overzicht van de geldstromen geen systemen [...]

Creatieve Innovatie

From their web site: "A 'different perspective' on things, a shift of perspective makes innovation possible. `To our concern hierarchical organization models and related tasks make 'creative innovation' impossible. That is why The Beach operates as a network of people and organizations that emrace openness, involvement and interaction. We are convinced that shaping the future [...]