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  • Boedistische Lezing 12 januari 2010

    12-17 januari 2010 komt reisleraar Peter Gomez uit Karma Guen (Spanje) naar Nederland om een bezoek te brengen aan een aantal van onze Diamantweg centra en daar lezingen te geven. De lezingen worden gegeven in het Engels. Om de reiskosten te betalen vragen we een bijdrage van 7 euro per lezing. Iedereen van harte welkom!…

  • Identifiers Mindmap – Dec 2009

    at: International Workshop on Repository Interoperability, Amsterdam, the Netherlands about: mindmap action plan from the interoperability workshop. identifiers on Prezi

  • New forms of Science – Blogging with open Peer Review

    I present to you here Google Knol, and Diigo Google’s KNOL for Creating Knowlets http://knol.google.com Diigo annotation tool for annotating existing websites and blogs as a meta layer. Diigo.com Related articles by Zemanta Why I’m Not Sweating Reputation Bullets Over Google Sidewiki (marketingpilgrim.com) New Knol developments (mattcutts.com) Finally a Good Use for Google Knol: Sharing…

  • Enterprise Service Bus – Middle ware in Research Infrastructure

    Mark. Enterprise Service Bus:enterprise service bus [Internet]. Versie 8. Knol. 2008 aug. 28. Beschikbaar vanaf: http://knol.google.com/k/mark/enterprise-service-bus/2ztgdpt515s4g/7. http://www.mulesoft.org/display/COMMUNITY/Meet+Mule

  • Object Reuse and Exchange – Editor – interconnecting scientific content

    Object Reuse and Exchange – Editor – interconnecting scientific content

    Object Reuse and Exchange (ORE) is a framework for creating collections of related scientific work. ORE an initiative of the Open Archives Initiative (OAI). Web resources can be related to one another in a semantic web machine readable way. The collections or aggregations of web resources can be stored in distributed locations such as web…

  • the economics of energy

    Image via Wikipedia just a quick note. have to write a story about. This concerns our generation where energy consumption is based on oil. Everything we know and think about is oil, and we have degrades our anchient methods to absorb a setback. Not sustainability but resilience. According to … “We worship energy, war is…

  • semantic web

    Image via CrunchBase Introduction Book: Programming the Semantic Web Knowledge reasoning platform: LarKC LarKC the Large Knowledge Collider Frank van Harmelen Visualisation plugin http://blog.larkc.eu/?p=921 Query human interfaces testing How to make the Semantic web work. With Zemanta provides a way (API) to create semantic relations in plain text. http://www.slideshare.net/andraz/semweb-installfest-presentation paper with interesting links can be…

  • Advanced Services for Researchers – Nov 2009

    Advanced Services for Researchers – Nov 2009

    This workshop I have organised with a lot of top researchers to explore the idea’s one could deliver as a service with the current status quo of technologies that sits around in labaratories in the Dutch Research Institutes. The focus was the research workflow and process in order to make scientific assessments. You can find the complete…

  • Persistent Identifiers – their need and usage

    Presentation on the ELPUB 2009 conference in Milan about Persistent Identifiers in the Knowledge Exchange context.

  • Silicon Valley effect for Innovating Research itself

    This presentation is about thinking how we can create an environment or culture in the academic landscape that enables all the knowledge and expertise of the individuals in the research community as a whole to reach a better networkeffect for innovative research projects.

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