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  • Research collaboratories in the Netherlands – Nov 2010

    SURFshare :: Collaboratories on Prezi

  • University Guest lecture about Enhanced Publications – Nov 2010

    title: Enhanced Publications – Guest Lecture @Utrecht University – Design of Interactive Content by: Maurice Vanderfeesten at: Utrecht University Institute of Information Sciences, Design of Interactive Content course about: explanation about the evolution of the academic article, relations within and between. Enhanced Publications – Guest Lecture @Utrecht University – Design of Interactive Content View more…

  • Enhanched Publication Infrastructure – Nov 2010

    at: ECO4R workhop, Keulen, Germany. Enhanced Publication Infrastructure on Prezi

  • Open innovation: new definitions of a book

    Open innovation: new definitions of a book The Future of the Book. from IDEO on Vimeo.

  • When Idea's have Sex: serendipity in innovation

    When ideas have sex: Matt Ridley on De binnenkant van organisatieverandering – Thijs Homan from Hans Mestrum on Vimeo. Hij stelt daarbij vragen die je direct kan relateren aan je eigen verander- of innovatie-case. Homan betoogt dat de focus van veranderingen meestal gericht is op de structuur, de processen en de systemen,…

  • New ways for online Academic Peer Review

      Source: “What we’re experiencing now is the most important transformation in our reading and writing tools since the invention of movable type,” said Katherine Rowe, a Renaissance specialist and media historian at Bryn Mawr College. “The way scholarly exchange is moving is radical, and we need to think about what it means for…

  • Trends in Science 2.0

    Trends in Science 2.0

    Onderstaand artikel gaat over de trends in Science 2.0 Link: Met dank aan: Wilfred Mijnhardt Samenvatting: Iedereen is auteur en schrijft blogs en tweets (microblog): artikelen met workflow “werk, schrijf, publiceer” daalt. (publish-then-filter approach) Meer gefragmenteerde wetenschappelijke output met ‘draft’ status Open peer review/discussies van deze wetenschappelijke fragmenten (“Liquid science”) Hiervoor moeten alle wetenschappelijke…

  • Identifiers Mindmap – Dec 2009

    at: International Workshop on Repository Interoperability, Amsterdam, the Netherlands about: mindmap action plan from the interoperability workshop. identifiers on Prezi

  • New forms of Science – Blogging with open Peer Review

    I present to you here Google Knol, and Diigo Google’s KNOL for Creating Knowlets Diigo annotation tool for annotating existing websites and blogs as a meta layer. Related articles by Zemanta Why I’m Not Sweating Reputation Bullets Over Google Sidewiki ( New Knol developments ( Finally a Good Use for Google Knol: Sharing…