Jandergrouwd from drama group Oostpool was an unusual piece with a lot of mixed media elements. It was about the undergrownd movement during the communist period in Russia. Undergrouwnders are people who want to preserve their freedom of mind during the oppression of a communistic regime. The underground sprouted up on different locations in Russia, independently from each other. The literature they wrote was dangerous to have in possession or to read it. So it was temporarily available, and was burned after a while in order not to get caught.  This makes it a very actual topic with the Pussy Riot case.

The audience gets an impression that they are lucky with the freedom of mind and freedom of expression in our current age. In the piece the discussion went on what freedom really is, or is that freedom you experience not so free as you think? For example you cannot leave your life you are having right now because your social bonds, your mortgage, etc.

In the end  the piece shows that the Russian democracy and capitalism as it is now, also isn’t heaven as promised. Solidarity is gone, every man is for himself, live is harder.

My friends Felix and Jona. With Lenin on the foreground.

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